Mother's Day Stories


Happy Mother's Day Sunshine! 🌞I hope you have a blessed Mother's day today. Mom you have given me things that I could never thank you enough for. You taught and gave me love, hope, faith, sincerity, a good heart, gratitude, generosity, support and I could go on and on. You gave me these things through yourself. I watched you live these things and I received the best of you. I lived these things THROUGH you. I absorbed your good qualities and could never repay you for the abundance of goodness I have learned from you. How we handle and grow through life's problems stems from what we were taught growing up. We all learn at different times in our lives, but all the goodness we have received in our lives is always there inside us to draw on. And that all came from you Mom. It came from your heart. Mother's day is the perfect time for me to thank you for all the great things you have instilled in me. Things that I will carry on with me and through me for the rest of my life. Things that I will pass on through my children.  Things that I saw passed down through you from your Mother and Grandmother. Your goodness will live on for generations to come. When I reach your age and status I could only pray that my legacy of the heart can be as great as yours is. This day was made to honor Mothers.  And believe me you are honorable. I love you with all my heart and soul Sunshine.  May God bless you now and always.

Your Loving Daughter, Charlotte

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