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Getting to know your GrandPad

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Frist Steps to Getting Started

Find out more on how to get your GrandPad up and running quickly.
Simple Tablet Setup

User Guide

Overview of the GrandPad and using its custom apps
View The User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the GrandPad to WiFi? What are my connection options?

While devices come with built-in 4G LTE connectivity, they can also be easily connected to a WiFi network via the Settings button > tap WIFI > select available network > enter network password (if necessary) > tap connect. Although LTE (or cellular data) connectivity allows the GrandPad to be used just about anywhere, WiFi offers the most seamless, consistent connection for data-dependent features, such as making a call, searching the internet, or streaming music and radio. For assistance getting the GrandPad connected to WiFi, users or family admins can call our white-glove customer support team: 800-704-9412.

How can I help my mom with her GrandPad if I can't see it?

Family admins have many customization settings at their finger tips for their loved one's device. These features can be accessed via GrandPad Central or the Companion app Admin tools. Although it is not possible to remote into the GrandPad user's device to see what is on the screen at this time, short tutorials are available in GrandPad Central that demonstrate how each of the apps work. Also, a live customer service agent is available 24/7/365 to assist you with your GrandPad user's needs. And they have special tools to help with remote access and adjust unique settings, such as audio or ring tone. Call 1-800-704-9412 or Chat online,

Call button vs Zoom app

One of the best features on the GrandPad is video chatting with your senior. Both the Call button and the Zoom app are perfect for enjoying virtual face time with your senior. What's the difference? The Call app is designed to provide one-to-one voice and video calls; it's just you and the GrandPad user. Think of the Call button as a phone of sorts; to call a companion, the GrandPad user simply taps the button to initiate a call with any one member in the safe contact list. Similarily, when a companion calls the GrandPad user, the device rings and the user taps the answer button to accept the call.

The Zoom app, on the other hand, provides a venue for multiple people to video call the GrandPad user at the same time. It's like a video conference call. Someone sets up a meeting via Zoom and sends the invite to everyone's email, including the GrandPad user's GrandPad email address (ends with To join the call, the GrandPad user simply opens the email and taps on the Join Zoom Call button to see and talk with others who have joined the meeting too. Different from video chats on the Call button which are restricted to only those in the contact list, Zoom meetings are open to anyone who gets invited by the host--even those who are not in the safe contact list.

What apps come with the GrandPad and how do I customize them on my mom's device?

By default, the GrandPad comes with 16 preloaded apps (buttons) available for all users to enjoy, including:

Internet Call

Email Photos

Moods Camera










Buttons on the GrandPad can be enabled or disabled by the family admin anytime--via GrandPad Central or the Companion app (Admin tools).

For example, you can add favorite radio stations to the Radio button or remove games  from the Games button that your GrandPad user doesn't like. Other customizable buttons include, Internet, Articles, and Music. You can also personalize the Call, Email, Photos, and Weather buttons by making sure your senior's contact list is current and up to date. The rest is up to the family network. By far, the most popular ways to personalize the GrandPad is to share photos and video call as often as possible.

Does the GrandPad have internet? How does it work?

Yes, the GrandPad comes preloaded with an Internet app (button) that allows GrandPad users to search the web freely or restrictively; the family admin chooses the settings. The app can be set up to restrict user to visit only specific websites with a single tap. Or to include the Search button and user to access the entire web without restriction. The family admin can adjust internet settings and add/remove websites to the GrandPad anytime. And if the GrandPad user is not into the Internet, the button can be easily hidden. The GrandPad uses a proprietary browser created specifically with seniors in mind, so images are large and labels are easy to read--making it simple to navigate web pages safely.

Who sets up the GrandPad? Where? How?

Who? One of the reasons families love the GrandPad is that the device is easy to use right out of the box. There are no confusing settings to figure out or apps to install on the GrandPad. The user simply opens the cover and it's ready to go. That's because the person assigned to be the family administrator can go online or download the app to set up the tablet before it's even delivered.

Where? GrandPad Central is a website where family administrators can set up and manage their senior's GrandPad device. It's also a great place for companions to edit their own GrandPad profile, see contacts, send photos, or video call the GrandPad user--especially if they don't have a smart phone. For family admins and companions who rather engage from their phone, the five-star GrandPad Companion app is a free download and super easy to use--especially if you're on the go.

How? To access the GrandPad Central website from a computer, go to and log in with the email that is on file in our system. To download the Companion app on your smart phone, go to Google Play Store (for an android device) or App Store (for an iPhone). Then, open the app and log in with your email. If you do not have an email listed in your GrandPad account, call customer service 800-704-9412 to speak with a live agent who will be happy to help you get logged in.

Is the Companion app the same as GrandPad Central?

Generally speaking, the companion app and GrandPad Central website have the same functionality. The difference is that the app is downloaded on your smart phone--so it's more mobile and you can do things on the go (like upload photos or video call the GrandPad) and GrandPad Central is a website used on a desktop computer or laptop--so it's more stationary (you'll probably be sitting down somewhere when you log in). Another difference is that some of the family admin tools are labeled differently on each interface. For example, on the app, contacts are added in the "Family Network" section, whereas on the website, the section is labeled "Contacts." But the features are the same in both platforms.

GrandPad Tutorials

These videos contain tips and tricks to get the most out of your GrandPad. Enjoy!

The Charging Cradle

The Protective Case

The Call Button

The Email Button

The Photos Button

The Article Button

The Music Button

The Weather Button

The Games Button

The Help Button

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