Announcing Partnership with Acer


"With Acer’s extensive experience in integrating hardware, software, and services, in addition to our time-to-market capability and global footprint, we will help enhance the GrandPad experience for seniors who rely on this technology for their daily needs."

- Maverick Shih, President of BYOC
Business Group, Acer Inc.

In keeping with their mission to satisfy customer demands through steadfast intent and innovation, Acer has partnered with GrandPad to bring a better technology experience to seniors.

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This new partnership will allow GrandPad to continue to bring intuitive, engaging, and secure technology solutions to more seniors within the U.S. and across the globe.

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"Together with Acer, we have the potential to help millions of seniors by reconnecting them with their family, friends and caregivers by using technology designed just for them."

- Scott Lien, GrandPad CEO

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