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GrandPad and Growing Bolder believe in the power of older adults who live big, bold lives or, as we say, “Live Grand.” Growing Bolder Digital Digest is filled with inspiration and interviews of life-changing stories of men and women who are smashing stereotypes and redefining the possibilities of life after 50. When it comes to living grand, it’s not about age; it’s about attitude.

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Growing Bolder's Mission

To become the world’s most influential lifestyle brand for the 50+ demographic by inspiring men and women of all ages to believe that the rest of their life can be the best of their life.

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GrandPad is the simplest, smartest, and safest way to connect seniors with loved ones, so they’ll never miss another memory.

simplest way to connect

GrandPad is simple for seniors to set up, taking less than 5 minutes. If help is needed, GrandPad customers can access our white glove customer support with questions. 24/7/365.

Smartest way to connect

GrandPad is the smart choice for seniors and their families, combining the 4G LTE ‘go-anywhere’ Data Plan of a cellphone with desktop and tablet functionalities like Wifi.

Safest way to connect

GrandPad is safe for seniors, with an encrypted private network of approved contacts uploaded by a family member. Securely share photos, emails and make video calls without scams.