Safety And Security

GrandPad® is the only solution for older adults the prioritizes safety and security above all else. With our bespoke, encrypted, private family network, 24/7/365 support and an average customer wait time of less than 12 seconds, we're always just a tap away no matter what.

Encrypted Private Family Network

Our customers have never Received a spam or scam call or email. Ever.

A GrandPad user can only receive incoming calls, video chats, or emails from a list of approved contacts. When you first set up the GrandPad for your loved one you will be able to easily add contact information for their family members and friends. This perk of the GrandPad makes checking emails for seniors a complete breeze. All formatting is streamlined to make text easy to read. Photos you attach to emails are automatically sent to the Photos app for immediate viewing.

Users of a GrandPad will never receive a spam email. Simplify email and empower seniors to communicate with ease when you purchase a GrandPad. Seniors can easily check the weather, play games, or make video calls with the functionality built into the GrandPad.

With the GrandPad approach, Internet safety for seniors is always a top priority. Our tablet protects the personal information of seniors by blocking access from unknown third parties. Your loved ones can use the tablet to their heart’s content without fretting about stolen information, lost data, or technical jargon. What are you waiting for? Connect seniors to the digital world with the safety and security of a GrandPad.

The importance of safety

Safety, security and the rise of 'Elder Fraud'.

Scams and Fraud targeting older adults is at an all-time high. When you choose GrandPad you’re choosing a safe and secure device that provides the joy of connection without the hassle of complication and risks of scams.

Senior Fraud by the Numbers

  • Did you know that the FBI’s most recent Elder Fraud Report showed that cybercrime cost Americans over the age of 50 nearly $3 billion last year? That is an increase of 62 percent from the previous year.

To make matters worse, generative artificial intelligence systems are making it easier for scammers to take advantage of this vulnerable age group. Voice clones and chat bots trick older adults into believing they are speaking with a relative or close friend who is in trouble and takes advantage of their desire to help loved ones in need.

GrandPad provides a secure environment that allows only trusted contacts to call, email or video chat with the senior user. This protects older adults from unwanted calls, emails and most importantly scams.


Tech to help seniors

GrandPad’s Chief Technology and Data Officer Earl Chen was recently interviewed to discuss more about the top scams facing seniors and how GrandPad can protect from these threats. Learn more below:


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