Welcome to GrandPad

Congratulations on your new GrandPad subscription! We highly recommend getting the GrandPad set up soon, so that it is ready to go right when it arrives. This ensures that you and your family have the best experience starting with the very first use. Our GrandPad support team is happy to help you along the way.

Following these simple steps to get setup:

1. Log into GrandPad Central

GrandPad Central is a web portal where you can update your information, update the information for the GrandPad Tablet user whose account you may be managing, place an audio or video call, upload photos to the GrandPad, invite contacts, and more. To get started:

  • Enter the email registered with GrandPad and click the Next button
  • A login link is then sent to that email. Click the link and you are automatically logged in. Follow instructions to either set up an optional password or to continue without a password.

2. Invite Contacts

Once you're logged in, you will see a screen that looks something like this:

You will notice that on the left hand side, you can edit both your profile, and the profile of the GrandPad account you might be managing. Select the Contacts tab under your profile to add contacts for yourself, or select Contacts under the GrandPad user's account to add contacts to their profile.

Once you've done this, select the Add Family Contact button in the top right corner.

Next, select Create New Contact and start filling in the information for each contact. Make sure to keep the box checked that says "Send an automatic welcome email and text message."

Keeping this box checked ensures that all of your contacts receive information to assist them when logging into their account thus connecting them to the GrandPad tablet and your entire GrandPad family circle. We also recommend sending them a friendly message using the Email All Contacts button telling them to check their inboxes and follow the instructions to connect with GrandPad.

3. Manage Content Viewed on the GrandPad tablet

As a Family Administrator, you have the ability to enable or disable features on the Grandpad tablet at anytime. Select  the various GrandPad features in the navigation menu and follow the instructions on each features page. We recommend to start with minimal, high-impact, content—especially if the user has little or no technology experience—then gradually begin introducing new features and content over time.

4. Download the GrandPad App

The GrandPad App is the easiest way to connect the entire family circle with the GrandPad user. GrandPad is a secure network; no content or communications are accessible by the public.

With it, you can easily:

  • Take and share photos and videos
  • Make audio and video calls
  • Send email and text messages
  • Invite others to be part of the family circle
  • View usage stats of the GrandPad user (Family Administrator only)
  • Manage the GrandPad features and content (Family Administrator only).

You should have received an initial welcome email with a link to download the GrandPad App. Use that link to automatically be logged in to your account from your smartphone.

GrandPad Companion App

5. Enjoy Staying Connected

Now that you have everything set up, you can sit back and relax until the GrandPad arrives. Feel free to post as many photos and videos as you'd like, so that the GrandPad will be filled with memories the moment it reaches its user's hands. You may also want to encourage those in your family circle to do the same.

If you have questions at any time, feel free to chat with us live or call us at (800) 704-9412.

Thanks for participating and making this a great experience for everyone in your GrandPad family.