Features of the GrandPad Tablet
Voice & Video Calling

Connecting with Video Chat

Talk to your close friends and family with seamless video chatting available on the GrandPad. The Call app makes it easy to reach out to your loved ones at any time for a video call or phone call.

Placing a Call on the GrandPad

In order to send a request to video chat, do the following:

  1. Click the Call app from the home screen
  2. Scroll or tap on the right and left arrows to find the person with whom you want to video chat. Click on their name or picture.
  3. When the menu appears, click “Video Call” to begin a video chat. You can also select “Phone Call” to begin an audio-only call to a normal phone number.
  4. Ensure that you’re properly lit and that your environment is free from interference for the highest quality video chats.
    Check out our Improving Video Call Quality page for more suggestions to improve call quality.

Answering a Video Call

When you make a video call from the GrandPad, the recipient will get a notification (either an in-app notification, a text message, or an email). It might take a few minutes to receive the notification and get ready for the call. There isn't any rush - GrandPad will ring for up to five minutes, giving everyone plenty of time to connect.

In case your loved one isn't available to take your call, you can even leave a response to let them know you called or that you'll be trying them again later.

Order your GrandPad today to video chat with loved ones in just a couple of clicks. The GrandPad contains several other functions and apps to give you all the connection and entertainment you need in one tablet.