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Tips for Video Chatting on the GrandPad

Talk to your close friends and family with seamless video chatting available on the GrandPad. The Call app makes it easy to reach out to your loved ones at any time for a video call or phone call. Remember these valuable tips to make your video chat process simple, straightforward, and fun.

In order to send a request to video chat, do the following:

  1. Click the Call app from the home screen (the first app on the left).
  2. Scroll or tap on the right and left arrows to find the person with whom you want to video chat. Click on their name or picture.
  3. When the menu appears, click "Video Call” to begin a video chat. You can also select "Phone Call” to begin an audio call to their phone without the video chatting feature.

Make it Easy for Your Family

Give your loved ones at least a minute to answer your video call. When you make a video call with the GrandPad, the person receiving the call can answer it by clicking on the link they receive via the push notification, text message or email. After you call them once or twice they’ll be able to answer in a timely fashion, so don’t hang up if they take a minute to answer.

Remind Them You Called

In the event that your family member or friend can’t make it to the phone, you’ll have the option to send one of three pre-written text messages. These help convey how urgent your call is and when you needed to speak.

  1. If your family member or friend is not answering, click "End Call.”
  2. When the menu prompt appears, click "Yes” to confirm you want to end the call.
  3. A follow-up menu will appear. If you wish to send a follow-up text, click one of the options: "Please call me right away,” "Call me when you get time,” or "Just wanted to say hi.” Otherwise, click "No Thanks.”
  4. If you have chosen a message to send the text will be delivered immediately to your loved one’s device.

Make an Impression

When you’re getting used to our video chat for seniors be sure to keep a couple of things in mind so the person you’re calling can clearly see and hear you. Sit in a well-lit area, under a light or near a lamp. Living rooms work terrifically for video calls. Also, to ensure you can be seen without issue, position your face in the bottom two-thirds of the screen that appears when making a video call. This way you won’t be visually cut off and conversation will be easy to maintain.

Order your GrandPad today to video chat with loved ones in just a couple of clicks. The GrandPad contains several other functions and apps to give you all the connection and entertainment you need in one tablet.