Features of the GrandPad Tablet
Voice & Video Calling

Improving Video Chat Quality

The GrandPad comes with an ultra-strong and constant LTE connection so that your video chats with loved ones are as clear and crisp as possible. We take the frustrating technical elements out of the mix so you can reach out to loved ones with just a few clicks of a button and expect reliable call quality every time.

That said, be sure to keep a couple of things in mind so the person you’re calling can clearly see and hear you. Adjusting the space around you for the best lighting and sound will ensure that you can connect with whomever you’re speaking to without any frustrating barriers.

Light Up the CallSit in a well-lit indoor area. Living rooms work terrifically for video calls. Your call will be clearest if there are multiple sources of overhead ambient lighting in the room so that your face is clearly visible. If you call during sunset or sunrise, turn on a nearby lamp so that your face won’t become obscured as the lighting changes in the room.

Also, to ensure you can be seen without issue, position your face in the bottom two-thirds of the screen that appears when making a video call. Many users don’t angle the tablet toward their face, meaning the person on the other end of the call can’t see them.

Reduce Background Noise

Mute the television, turn off the radio, and sit inside where the background noise is minimal. Even if it sounds far away to you, heavy traffic, nearby construction, and other noises can muffle your voice and make calls harder to hear.

To start Connecting with Video Calls with loved ones in just a few clicks, order the GrandPad today. The GrandPad was designed specifically for seniors and contains the apps and functions necessary to keep seniors connected and entertained in the modern world.