Secure Internet Browser

Connecting to friends and family is important, but it’s also beneficial to stay connected to the world around us. GrandPad’s unique senior-friendly web browsing experience includes full Internet browsing with customizable security for those with or without Internet experience. Equipped with LTE data, the Internet can be accessed without a Wi-Fi connection.

Configurable Site Buttons

The Family Administrator has full control over customizing the GrandPad. Manage a list of approved, preset websites so the GrandPad user can shop, learn, play, listen, watch, and connect to what they love. Full internet access can be turned on/off at any time using GrandPad Central, our online account management portal.

Internet page viewer with easy to use navigation menu.

Easy Navigation Panel

This panel allows seniors to easily increase or decrease text size, incrementally scroll up/down a page, return to previous pages, adjust volume levels, and exit a website. The GrandPad also uses gesture and swipe controls.

Order a GrandPad today for all of the apps and functions seniors need to stay connected to their family and stay entertained all day long.