Grand Love Stories

Forever love

"I met my forever love when I was not looking for it. I had had two failed marriages and thought it was not for me. I had my children,grandchildren, my friends, my church that would be enough. But I guess God had other plans. Belonging to a group of singles who were trying to survive I was invited to a fun evening at a sauna and hot tub. My future partner was there and the way he tells it I was all he was looking for. He has written down all he was looking for and could not believe it when he met me. Me on the other hand was unaware of his feelings. I saw him from time to time as the group met for socialisation. A friend in the group said she could get me two tickets to a musical and I should go with him. We started the date with Mass then a picnic lunch and finally the afternoon musical. It was fun but the moment he touched my hand at the musical there was so much electricity I told him I did not want to see him ever again. This is a long story but after 6 weeks of not seeing him and a girlfriend encouraging me no nagging me to call him I did and told him I wanted to go dancing. We had a great connection on the dance floor. His side of the story it that he had finally realised that it was not meant to be and when I called he was just leaving to go to a singles dance because he wanted to be married again. So here we are 34 years later with a love that grows stronger every day. We are very different, I have outgoing and always ready for whatever he is quiet and stable and solid. But we are perfectly matched he brings me down when i am over the top and he says I bring him up when he gets down. We have an expression we are comfortable together like old shoes and you know you never get rid of old shoes. We have grown old together he is 82 and I am 78 but the spark it still there and we still enjoy our lives together sometimes doing exciting things and sometimes just sitting side by side reading. All our friends say we are a couple they look up to because we love each other so much we allow each other to be ourselves."