Stories from our Community

GrandPad is the safest way to connect seniors with their loved ones because each membership comes with a secure, encrypted, private family network. Hear what our community has to say about their experiences with our products and services.

Clarabelle, Iowa, Age 77

Clarabelle had never used a computer. She has 11 children spread around the US and has been left out of the digital family communications. She picked up GrandPad and within a few minutes sent an email with her message as a voice attachment to her daughter. To do this she just selected the person she wanted to send it to, spoke her message, hit the big green SEND button! She loves to see the weather and local time for each of her children, listen to her favorite music from back in the day and play games on her GrandPad. Her favorite, is getting new pictures and videos daily, especially of the grandkids and great grandchildren.

Her hopes are for all other seniors to get the opportunity to connect with their family and friends with GrandPad, keeping them from feeling lonely and isolated when their families live at a distance. Feeling more connected everyday has made Clarabelle happier, as if her family is still inside her home every day.

My grandparents are not in a generation to understand the technology that their children and grandchildren are able to access these days. My grandparents now have a GrandPad and are able to stay active in the lives of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Living farther away from my family, they do not get to see my children daily or weekly so it is nice to be able to send or upload a picture, video or note to them with new things that are going on with my kids. And I know they are able to easily view them and not get frustrated if they click the wrong button. I remember getting phone calls from my parents about how to run the computer they just got. We won't be getting these calls about the GrandPad because it is very easy to use.

- Heather (granddaughter) Iowa- Age 28

GrandPad has been a great device for my mom. Struggling with the daily challenges of ALS, she is still easily able to use GrandPad! It is definitely designed with simplicity and easy to use! Family is the most important thing to her, and basically being homebound, she is still able to connect daily with our large, spread out family! I live near her, so am able to visit often, and get to see first hand the enjoyment she gets out of her GrandPad! She passes the time with music and games, and enjoys scrolling through the pictures every day. This has made her much more upbeat , and has brought many smiles back to her life! Thank you, GrandPad team for this wonderful tool!

- Dennis (Son) - Iowa - Age 48

Our family is so grateful for the connection GrandPad has allowed us to stay close to our mom. With our mom being "gramma" and "great gramma" to so many far and near, it has given her access to be connected with all her family with minimal effort. Being diagnosed with ALS in the spring of this year, GrandPad has given our mom a way to communicate to all of us (near and far) with minimal effort. Even at times, if she can't physically respond to all her pictures and messages she receives, she can see that we are all there for her and each other. That's important to her ... which makes it important to all matters. GrandPad makes a difference ... and not only to grandparents but grandparents with GRAND differences!!

- Kay (daughter) South Carolina - Age 52