COVID-19 self-care tips for caregivers from Dr. Kerry Burnight, Ph.D.

Let’s talk about you: COVID-19 self-care tips for caregivers

Dr. Kerry Burnight, Ph.D., Chief Gerontologist, GrandPad
As published in McKnight's Long-term Care News

Caregivers are truly unsung heroes. As frontline workers, you provide an invaluable service to the elders you care for, as well as to broader society. Just as we are instructed to do in airplane emergencies, put your own mask on first. This refers not only to your literal coronavirus mask, but also the metaphorical mask of self-care, self-forgiveness, recovery and rejuvenation.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect caregiver. Focus on this day and the small moments, tears, laughter, flare-ups, miscommunications and small kindnesses that accompany this important role you fill. Be gentle with your patients and yourself and know that asking for help can be the most meaningful and courageous step you ever make.

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