Mother’s Day Series: Carolyn & Karen

A mother is more than a caregiver – she is a mentor, a friend, a fierce protector, a loving companion, a trusted confidant, and a reliable rock of support. With Mother’s Day just a few days away, we began a Mother’s Day series to highlight the unbreakable bonds forged between mother and child over generations. Memories of our mothers truly last a lifetime.

Sometimes the bonds of life are just as meaningful as those of blood. Today’s featured user, Carolyn, loves keeping up with her huge extended family via the Photos app on GrandPad and shared the memories of her mother that have stood the test of time. Her daughter-in-law, Karen, shared with us why a mother-in-law can be just as important as a mother throughout life.

In Karen’s world, Carolyn is as much a part of the family as Karen’s husband or children. Carolyn and her husband Jeff have lived with Karen and her husband for nearly 35 years!

Karen fondly recounts how full of life her mother-in-law is: though 90 years of age, Carolyn plays hopscotch with her grandkids, stays up for hours playing games with the family, and cracks up the entire house with her sense of humor. Karen loves how Carolyn will make time to get her flowers if she’s had a lousy day, or get special treats for the family on holidays.

Carolyn is a huge fan of the local theatre, and relishes in the opportunity to take the entire family to a special show at least once a year. Karen’s vivid memories paint a picture of a happy family: “You can tell that she just delights in introducing the theatre experience to the girls and gets as much enjoyment from watching their reactions as from the actors on stage. And I get just as much joy watching her relish the experience as card bg-faded card-block as watching the awe on the girls’ faces.”

Having known her mother-in-law for nearly 40 years, Karen reveals that their shared devotion in putting their family first continues to draw them together. Carolyn always made time for her kids, and has imparted the same life lesson onto Karen. They work side by side to do what’s best for their family. “That unites us,” Karen says, “It has from the very beginning of our relationship.”

Carolyn (or Nana, as she’s known in the family) was never one to particularly take to new technology. She was always reluctant to get an email address or buy a laptop. But, her fondness for her family meant she was also missing out on cherished family photos and memories.

Once Karen set her up with a subscription for GrandPad, she couldn’t get enough. “She loves the games, the music, the email, the photos and more,” Karen emphasizes. “She brings it with her to doctors’ appointments and almost everywhere she goes.”

As we approach Mother’s Day, Carolyn also fondly recollects the powerful mother that shaped her as a child. Her mother always taught her to never be envious of anyone, and to make the best of what you have. This lesson helped Carolyn focus on creating the most united family she could that didn’t argue over small matters and kept the big picture in mind.

With such a wonderful example, Carolyn loved the responsibility of being a mother and providing for three lives,. She raised three boys, and remembered that the hardest parts of being a mother is the hardships her children go through. The hard times, she points out, make the triumphs and the accomplishments all the more appreciable.

After working hard to raise her sons,Carolyn moved in with Karen and became a grandmother who loved being able to shower her grandchildren with affection sans other responsibilities. She loves going to all of her grandchildren’s sports events: “hockey games, field hockey games, soccer, all that stuff,” she emphasizes. “It keeps you young!” She adds with a laugh.

Keeping up with her extended family is more important to Carolyn than ever, and with GrandPad she can easily and quickly access a treasure trove of family photos that she can show off to her friends that visit and the receptionist at the doctor’s office. This Mother’s Day, take the time to thank your mother for all of the unforgettable memories and timeless lessons.