Senior Summer Activities: Swimming & Water Aerobics

The increased heat and shimmering sun of summer is upon us – it’s time to get active and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather! Summer is also the perfect opportunity for seniors to exercise and spend more time with their loved ones. Need some ideas for spending time with your parent or grandparent? We have you covered!

As part of our senior summer activities series we’ll be discussing how you can get involved in swimming and water aerobics with your loved one. Seniors need exercise to stay mobile and keep their body in the best shape. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for seniors, and is a fun activity to do as a family.

Take a Class

Many people know how to swim, but that doesn’t mean your senior family member does. Or, maybe it’s been years since they last took a dip in a pool. Regardless of their experience level, a great way to bond is to take a beginner swimming class together.
Most cities and counties offer free and low-priced classes and sponsored programs that you can enroll in with your loved one. Most of these classes are indoors, which is important for seniors sensitive to sunlight. If you need help locating a class near you, call your local YMCA. Most of their locations host senior swimming classes or will have information on who does.

Visit the Local Pool

Research nearby public swimming pools and take your entire family for a summer excursion. Seniors enjoy being around other people and socializing with their family and the community – one of the best places to do this is a public pool.

That said, do your research before you go. Some pools can get really crowded if they’re popular, and too many people equals a safety hazard for seniors. Also be sure your senior is fairly mobile, and if you have any concerns about their mobility stay by their side when they’re walking around. Some pools are surrounded by concrete, and you’ll want to ensure your loved one doesn’t slip.

Bring some sunscreen and invest in a pool float. Seniors with proper flotation devices won’t have to expend much energy once they’re in the pool, and swimming is naturally fun. They’ll also be able to make new memories with their grandchildren and the younger members of the family, which is a huge benefit of a family outing.

Check Out Water Aerobics

For the more agile senior, look into water aerobics classes. Staying physically fit is paramount for a senior’s wellbeing, and water aerobics provides a safe and super fun method of getting into shape while creating social bonds.

If you have a pool in your backyard, even better! Instead of taking your loved one to a class, they can try out a variety of water aerobics exercises in the comfort of your home. There are many simple motions seniors can do in the water without the need for a class instructor, like leg lifts and aqua jogging. There’s a full list of water aerobics exercises for seniors at Senior Lifestyle.

Reconnect with your senior loved ones with these summer activities and make the most of every season!