6 Ways to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day is just around the corner! Haven’t heard of Senior Citizens Day? In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared that August 21st would henceforth be observed as Senior Citizens Day, a holiday to honor senior citizens and celebrate their countless contributions to our communities.

We know that life gets hectic and schedules fill up quickly but take a day off this year to really demonstrate your appreciation and affection for the important senior citizens in your life. Choose some of these fun and family-friendly activities to show your parent or grandparent how much they mean to you. Don’t forget to have your citizen take along their GrandPad so you’ll never miss another memory.

Dinner and a Story

Pick up your parent or grandparent, chauffeur style, and take the entire family (or as much as you can) out to the senior citizen’s favorite restaurant. As you toast glasses and scarf down delicious entrées ask your parent or grandparent about their favorite stories from their childhood.

Often, senior citizens are asked to recount raising their own children or meeting their spouse, but childhood stories are not often prompted. You may just learn a thing or two about someone you’ve known all your life!

Save a Buck or Two

With their ID (and in some cases, an AARP card) senior citizens can save a good deal on goods and services. Kids often can too, so this August 21st you can pair up grandpa or grandma with your kid and schedule a day of discounted activities. They can hit the diner, head out for ice cream, then see a movie together and rack up the savings!

Family Game Night

Who doesn’t love a fast-paced game of Yahtzee, Uno, or Clue? See who’s king or queen of the board by visiting your parent or grandparent with some classic board games and the kids in tow. Bonus points if you whip up some of your family’s favorite desserts and snacks to munch on while you play!

Picnic in the Park

When senior citizens live alone they may not be mobile or get to be outside very often. Pack a hearty lunch and comfy blanket and relax in the park while you bond and eat together. Check the weather to make sure you’re not heading into a downpour!

Trace Your History

Many senior citizens collect family photos and have dozens of family albums stored in the closet or attic. Make a game out of it – dust off the old albums and see how many people in your family you can find and identify. See if they have stories of relatives you never met, and see how far back the pictures go!

Make Their Favorite Meal

Maybe it’s the lasagna their parents used to make; maybe it’s the chicken pot pie they used to make for you. Stock up the kitchen and whip up one of their favorite dishes together. If neither of you has made it before, even better. Half the fun is in trying something new! Ask about their memories of when they last ate this particular meal.

Reach out to your loved ones and celebrate Senior Citizens Day with one or more of these bonding ideas!