Why Staying Connected with Mom is More Important Than Ever

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of us are frantically searching for a last-minute gift and calling around town to reserve a table at Mom’s favorite restaurant. At least, children that live in the same geographic area as their mothers are doing the “I forgot, it’s almost Mother’s Day” routine. Over the last 15 years, families have become increasingly separated by distance. Adults move far from home to pursue careers, and often our senior mothers are across the country.

In this situation, a card alone may seem like a sweet gesture. After all, when we ask our mothers what they’d like for Mother’s Day most of them will promptly respond, “don’t get me anything,” or “having you as my child is a gift in itself.”

But for many of our mothers, actually seeing children and socializing regularly with family – that assumed gift they swear is enough - is a distant memory. Senior women are living longer and often find themselves in senior living facilities. Without routine visits from family social isolation can become the norm, even in a communal living environment.

The consequences of extended isolation and the subsequent loneliness speak volumes. Loneliness and social isolation can increase the risk of cognitive decline and increase the risk of premature deaths in seniors by 14%, according to the National Institute of Health Research.

Luckily, there is hope. A Ph.D. project proposal at NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) South West Peninsula advocates for a study that would measure the effectiveness of regular video calling with family on reducing the risk of dementia and other cognitive issues in seniors. Current evidence cited in the proposal suggests that simply video calling with family on a consistent basis can be enough social stimulation to reduce dementia risk in seniors with no (or mild) cognitive impairment.

As an adult with a senior mother, the best gift you can give your mom is the gift of connection – with video calls you can fill her heart and sharpen her mind. When driving out to her residence simply isn’t possible, tools like the GrandPad help your mother stay connected with you, with her other children, and with her entire extended family.

Many tablets feature complex operating systems that even experts can’t always navigate or troubleshoot. Setting up video calling software and using a confusing tablet can pose a challenge for tech veterans, let alone a senior with less experience.

We designed the GrandPad specifically with your senior mother in mind – the simple menu, large fonts and buttons, and no-nonsense apps connect them to you and other members of your family in seconds. There’s no hassle, no barrier, and no frustration.

With the GrandPad you can stay connected with your mom and spend more time face-to-face with her, even if you live a thousand miles away. Our friendly white-glove support team can assist seniors using the tablet – your mom can reach the support team just by pressing a button on the GrandPad. Now that the ultimate senior tablet is on the market, this Mother’s Day the choice for a gift is obvious. Spend more time making memories with Mom – get her a GrandPad today.