Love Your Legacy


In Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway musical Hamilton, founding father Alexander Hamilton ponders the nature of one’s legacy. “What is a legacy?” he asks. “It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” In many ways, the work that we do, the changes we hope to make in the world around us, may not fully be realized in our lifetime. In this sense, Hamilton may be right. But the team at GrandPad knows he didn’t consider the bigger picture.

There’s another legacy you create that you can love and form throughout your life. This legacy is more precious than money, or monuments, or words. What kind of legacy sustains throughout your life’s journey? What remains a constant in a lifetime of shifting careers, of uprooting your home, of diminishing health?

The answer, of course, is your family. Your flesh and blood. As we grow older, we begin to reflect. When we’re 30 we may believe that the differences we make in society are how we’ll be remembered. We may believe that, as a young trailblazer, we will build success from scratch, and our legacy will be an invention or a company or a bank account.

But the choices you make and the lessons you teach are all made manifest in the family you raise. The real legacy we leave behind is the bonds with our loved ones that are passed down through generations. As seniors grow older, they often reflect and consider what’s most valuable to them. It may come as no surprise that few, if any, seniors believe that money or impressive feats on a resume are what they cherish most.

Seniors are most proud of their families, and the children they’ve raised and the spouses they’ve loved. Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to go to college, but years later your grandson or granddaughter graduated from one of the top institutions in the country. Your hard work and your love for your family created a legacy of education and higher learning that will irrevocably shape and benefit your family.

Seniors want to love their legacy, to love their family and to connect with loved ones no matter where they are. But, as the GrandPad team knows, connection and communication with seniors is more difficult than ever before. Today more families are dispersed around the globe than ever before. When children graduate and begin to pursue their career they are more likely to move more than an hour away from where they were raised.

With tools like the GrandPad, you can build your legacy and pass it on. Sharing pictures and seeing photos of your family keeps the family tissue connected and helps weave a story of your legacy together. Your circle of trusted loved ones is just a click and phone call away, never out of sight or out of reach. Talk more often with your family and pass along your stories and create more memories that will stand the test of time.

Your family is your legacy – don’t let them slip away. With the GrandPad your legacy is secure, and your days are filled with endless possibility.