Father’s Day 2017: Lori & Benno

Think about what shaped you into the person you are today: chances are a “what” doesn’t come to mind, but a “who.” Our parents forge unbreakable bonds with us and teach us countless lessons as we grow up, and this Father’s Day we should all make the effort to ensure our dad has the opportunity to connect with us, even from thousands of miles away.

With tools like the GrandPad, heartwarming stories like that of Benno, a GrandPad user, and Lori, his daughter, are becoming more common. Reacquaint yourself with this story from last year and consider how a GrandPad tablet can facilitate greater communication and more memories with your father.

Benno was born and raised on a sprawling farm near rural Asheville. Painting his childhood as one of rugged adventure, Benno also articulates that he learned early on how valuable an honest day’s work is. Though his family was rooted in agriculture, when Benno was finally an adult he moved away from the farm to try his hand at starting an investment company.

After marrying Benno had four children, and once he raised them two of his sons took over the family investment business. With booming laughter, Benno comments that his children “all grew up to be like” him. Benno comments that such a situation doesn’t just happen – the hardest part of being a father, he cautions, is staying responsible for keeping your children “on the right track” in life.

Benno wanted his children to keep their big picture goals in mind, but also granted them the freedom to grow up and live life on their own terms. Benno imparted to his children the importance of loving what you do, and of embracing each opportunity even if it’s risky. Now, Benno is a grandfather and a great-grandfather, having watched his family expand quite a bit. He does his best to “keep them all in line,” he comments with a chuckle.

Benno always believed that accepting your children for who they are is the key to building a trusting, lasting relationship. “The family that loves together, stays together,” he says simply, perhaps not realizing how profound those words truly are. Lori, his daughter, echoes these sentiments and adds that her father’s knack for humor and his upbeat attitude made him a terrific role model.

Just a couple of years ago Benno celebrated his 80th birthday, and to make the occasion truly memorable Lori and her siblings planned a big surprise for Benno. When Benno came to the front door of his senior home, he watched in disbelief as a limousine packed with his grandchildren rolled up the driveway. Benno and his grandkids made their way to his celebration dancing to Benno’s favorite polka songs in the back of the limo.

Lori compares this surprise to the style of fathering that made her childhood so memorable and meaningful. She glows, saying, “My father has taught me not to sweat the small stuff. Don’t get worked up about the ‘curveballs’ that life throws at you. Everything will work out.”

Lori knows that her father was always there to take care of her during her childhood, and now that Benno is a senior Lori conveys that it’s her “turn to be there for him.” Equipped with GrandPad tablets, Lori and Benno can video chat about their latest antics in just a moment, creating opportunities to make cherished memories every day.

Modern technology is tricky – without specially designed tools, seniors may not be able to stay connected to their family and friends as much as they’d like. Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your father how much he means to you by giving him the gift of easy, streamlined communication. With a tablet designed just for seniors, your father can spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time simply being your dad.