Gift Guide for Senior Citizens Day

Our senior citizens are a treasure to us. Their life experiences have led to many sacrifices for their children, families, communities and country. That is why, in 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared August 21 to be National Senior Citizens Day, a day to recognize and appreciate our seniors’ contributions to their communities, as well as recognize the social, economic and health issues they face as they grow older.

As National Senior Citizens Day approaches, we want to help you honor your favorite senior with a thoughtful gift that tells them how much you appreciate them and how they’ve touched your life. Keep reading for a list of gifts that any senior will love.


Sure, we live in a technological world where emails, texts, instant messages and Snaps are rapidly replacing the old-school ways of communication, but who still doesn’t enjoy receiving an actual package in the mail that you can hold and touch? And even better? Something that comes once a month and that you can look forward to receiving. That’s why a subscription is such a great idea. Perhaps the senior in your life enjoys gardening or model trains. Sign them up for a magazine subscription for their favorite hobby or pastime. Not only will they enjoy getting mail and reading about their passion, they’ll think of you every month when it arrives.

There are many book subscription boxes and programs available as well if your senior loves a good book. Urban Tastebud has a great list of the 15 Best Monthly Book Subscription Boxes, many customizable, which range in price from $10 to $65.


Smart speakers are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a convenient way to make life at home not only easier, but more fun. Hands-free, voice-activation devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home offer tons of services and features, like playing music, controlling household items like thermostats and lights, making calls, delivering messages and giving news, traffic and sports updates. This is the ideal gift for the senior techie you know who wants to stay up with the latest trends and technology.


When it comes to gift giving, the best gifts are often the homemade ones. How many of us have a breadboard or potholder that our child or grandchild made for us and that we still use to this day? When we use it, a smile always comes to our face, thinking about that person and all the memories we’ve made over the years.

Pottery-type shops are popping up all over. Here you can create and design your very own piece of art. Not only are you creating a gift, but you’re also having an experience to remember. Take the grandkids to one of these shops and let them enjoy making a ceramic plate or pitcher, or better yet, take the whole family, including the grandparents and let everyone enjoy the experience together.


As seniors grow older, they may lose the ability to enjoy their favorite pastimes and hobbies at the same level they were once able to. Gardening is a good example. Perhaps the senior in your life has always been an avid gardener, but due to decreased mobility, they’ve had to move in to a home with no yard or an assisted living center. This doesn’t diminish their passion for gardening. Instead, they just need to find new and creative ways to enjoy it, and a home herb garden kit is the perfect way to do it. With these simple, easy-to-use kits, they can grow basil, thyme, parsley, sage and other herbs all indoors with little effort. This is perfect for the gardener who also enjoys cooking, as all of these herbs are great enhancements to any meal.


Seniors enjoy using tablets to browse social media, watch a movie and stay connected with friends and family, but many of today’s tablets are difficult and intimidating to use. They have small buttons and so many features that it can be overwhelming. However, the GrandPad is designed specifically with seniors in mind, and offers an intuitive interface, large buttons and a simple layout that makes it the best tablet on the market for seniors. With a few simple steps, your special senior can share photos, make a video call, send an email and listen to their favorite music.


Visiting grandpa or grandma’s house always meant there was a puzzle in the works on the card table in the dining room. Puzzles are a great way for persons of any age, but especially seniors, to keep their minds active and sharp. What’s even better than a run-of-the-mill puzzle from the store? Why a custom puzzle, of course! Websites like The Missing Piece Puzzle Co. allow you to turn your family photos into a customized puzzle. Now grandpa or grandma can fit together the pieces of a puzzle of an old family portrait, or even their first car!


This isn’t your everyday adopt a star program. Adopting an olive tree is one of the neatest adoption programs around. How does it work? You choose an olive grove in Italy’s Puglia region, then adopt an olive tree and enjoy the oil and products produced from it. How cool is that? What’s even better is that the proceeds go to support the family-run farms of the region and the centuries-old traditions of olive oil production. The senior in your life will be proud to support these farmers as well as enjoy the olive oil in their everyday cooking.


Many seniors still enjoy the time-honored tradition of a hand-written note to loved ones. Custom stationery is a fun way for them to show off their personality, whether it’s with a favorite quote, their monogram or a special picture of their favorite flower or bird. Many websites, like Paper Source, offer customizable options ranging from different sizes and colors to headings and finishes. Spend some time thinking of your special senior and create a set of stationery that shows off their unique personality. They’ll appreciate and be proud of your creation, and you can look forward to a cherished letter in the future.

National Senior Citizens Day is the perfect time to show the seniors in your life how much they mean to you. We hope our list of gift ideas helps you along, or inspires your creative side to think of just the right thing for your special person.