Grand Spotlight Lori Stewart

“Grand Spotlight” is a monthly article that celebrates members of the GrandPad community by sharing their stories and wisdom. This month, our Grand Spotlight shines on avid GrandPad user, Lori Stewart.

Lori, age 60, lives on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington. She moved to the island a few years ago to care for her aging parents. After they passed away, Lori decided to stay and enjoy the ocean views and pine forests.


Lori (left) taking a walk with her parents, Don and Dorothy Stewart.

Lori didn’t always live in the Pacific Northwest. In the past, she lived in Southern California and Alaska, working as a Physical Education teacher and women’s basketball coach. Her passion for education and helping people eventually led to her 12-year tenure as a Physical Therapy Assistant in Washington.

“I loved the work and the people,” says Lori, “I like encouraging people who are going through rough times.”

As a physical therapy assistant, Lori spent countless hours helping patients overcome disabilities or injuries. Helping people regain their strength, both physically and mentally, is what Lori considers her calling in life.

Now, Lori works part-time as an in-home caretaker. In her free time, she reads the Bible, swims laps at the community pool, and sings in the church choir. In the evening, Lori enjoys reading novels and caring for her cat, Looney—aptly named because she constantly rolls around on the ground for attention. Fortunately, Looney’s owner has plenty of time to play with her.

A photo of Looney that Lori captured with her GrandPad

“Island life is slow and peaceful, but it can get lonely,” Lori explains, “I try to keep myself busy. I use the GrandPad to call people, so that helps. I listen to music, too.”

Lori uses the GrandPad to call her twin sons once a week and loves getting new photos from her family. Even when life gets lonely, Lori believes that an optimistic attitude goes a long way.

“I keep in touch with people,” says Lori, “But I’m also learning how to be happy by myself.”