Research Paper on Virus Transmission

This month, in the Annual Review of Virology, researchers from Yale and the University of Zurich examined the transmission of viruses. To make a long academic paper short, researchers concluded that there are 6 ways to limit respiratory virus transmission in the winter:  

  1. Humidify indoor air to maintain humidity to 40–60% relative humidity
  2. Ventilate indoor air by opening windows.
  3. If it’s very cold, wear a face mask to keep the nose warm and moist
  4. Take Vitamin D supplement to compensate for short daylight–induced Vitamin D deficiency
  5. Sleep more than 7 hours a night
  6. Wash your hands to prevent indirect contact transmission

They didn’t list the obvious, stay at home, but then again when they were conducting the research and writing the paper, there was not a global pandemic.  If you are interested in reading the full research paper, here is the link:

Stay well and thank you for reading.